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Luke Basnett
Lead vocals

I have been an avid music fan from a young age and my musical dreams were made true when I attended the Jason Donovan Live tour at the age of 8.

As I have grown up I have improved my music taste!

Paul McCartney, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kings of Leon, Jason Donovan

Ollie Basnett
Guitar & vocals

I've been playing the guitar from the age of 6 after the old man bought me my first guitar for my birthday, I haven't stopped playing since!  I have been making music from a very young age, as well as playing football!

Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Sergio Pizzorno, David Gilmour

Fender Stratocaster USA
Fender Telecaster USA
Gibson SG Standard

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Ryan O'Leary
Guitar & vocals

I first started playing gigs at the age of 13 mainly in Irish clubs around the Midlands. After 14 years of continuous gigging around the country I decided to hang up my guitar strap to return to competitive swimming during which time I got married and had two wonderful children, only to be tempted back to the stage once more upon meeting the "Basnett" family many years ago!

Foo Fighters, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy

Gibson Les Paul Standard
Fender Stratocaster USA
Marshall JVM 205H

Tim Basnett
Keyboard & Synths

Starting to live a long lasting dream of playing good old fashion real music with some great musicians for the enjoyment of other people, and what better than having your own sons involved too.

Fantastic...long live rock and roll!

John Lennon, Sir Ian Terrance Botham, Lawrence of Arabia

Ryan Lowry
Bass & vocals

I first started playing bass in 2002. Coming from a very musical background, I remeber being dragged to rehearsal rooms and gigs with my dad's band from the age of 5!
This inspired me to play too
Mark Hoppus, Dan Andriano, Taka Hirose

Fender Precision

Cort GB74
Peavey Ultrabass
Laney 1x15 + 2x10 Cabs

Matt Wells

I've been playing drums for as long as I care to remember now, I'm getting to the point where I object to showing my age on a website and my band mates are 20 years my junior.

Hopefully, what us old ‘uns in the band bring is some experience and a real desire to keep the art of playing live alive in this digitally reproduced world we live in!

Roger Taylor, Joey Kramer, Buddy Rich

Tama Superstar HyperDrive
Zildjian Cymbals

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